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FAN SITE FOR THE TEA SET - 1978 to 1982



Ron West & Bruce Gilbert - Frequency Variations (Sahka Records)

Ron & Bruce (later to form Wire) recorded electronic soundscapes using oscillating frequencies using two reel-to-reel tape recorders following a workshop at the College by a certain Brian Eno...

1. Part 1
2. Part 2

Format: 12”
Released: 1998 (Recorded in 1974)


BEARS - On Me (Waldos Records JS001)

Debut release for Waldos. The Bears had Ron on Bass and Cally on Drums. Released in a variety of coloured sleeves - see here

1. On Me
2. Wots Up Mate?

Format: 7”
Released: 1978


BEARS - Insane (Tigerbeat Records - Growl 1)

Compilation album of The Bears live material with Ron on Bass and Cally on Drums.

1. Motoron
2. Whacky Scout
3. Outasight
4. Frank Nitty
5. On the Beach
6. Beer 'n' Drugs
7. On Me
8. Fun, Fun, Fun
9. Wot's Up Mate?
10. IInnssaannee
11. On Me (Studio Version)

Format: LP
Released: 1986

clive16waldos clive-pig-and-the-hopeful-chinamen-happy-birthday-sweet-16-pinnacle-s

Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen - Happy Birthday Sweet 16
(Waldos Records CS004) then reissued (Pinnacle Pin 21)

Nick Haeffner plays lead guitar for The Hopeful Chinamen. The single had a lot of radio play and got picked up by Pinnacle who re-issued it themselves

1. Happy Birthday Sweet 16
2. Our Movement

Format: 7”
Released: 1979


Tanya Hyde - Herr Wunderbar (Waldos Records DS006)

Not sure if Nick Haeffner actually plays on this record but he does appear on the back sleeve - only wearing what looks like Ginger Mills’ belt!. This went on to be a gay disco classic and now changes hands for around 30 on EBay.

1. Herr Wunderbar
2. Auf Der Anderen Seite

Format: 7”
Released: 1979


Innocent Vicars - Antimatter (No Brain Records INV01)

Cally played drums and Nic add to the backing vocals and handclaps on this, the first record by Richard Norris who went onto forge a music career in The Grid, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, The Time & Space Machine as well as being a DJ and Remixer under his own moniker.
Sleeve variations can be seen

1. Antimatter
2. Shes Gone

Format: 7”
Released: 1980


Clive Pig - The Whale Zoo EP (Bam Caruso Records NRIC20)

Nick Haeffner plays guitar for Clive on this EP

1. The Whale Zoo
2. Eddie
3. Rays Not a Fighting Man

Format: 7”
Released: 1983


Bongo Joe - Sympathy For The Devil (Waldos Records

Only available on Cassette, Nic and Nick recorded this Stones tribute with Gary from the Hopeful Chinamen on drums and Siobhan Fahey on backing vocals. Siobhan had previously joined The Tea Set when she and some friends acted as backing singers for their Iggy Pop gig... those girls went onto become Bananarama, the best selling UK female band of all time...! This track was one of the earliest examples of sampling. The samples in  this case were old reel to reel tape recordings of Florence Nightingale, Aleister Crowley, Neville Chamberlain, JKL's Assassination.

1. Sympathy For The Devil (Edit)
2. Sympathy For The Devil (Long Vewrsion)

Format: Cassette
Released: 1983


Clive Pig - One Night in Greece With An American (Pig Records)

Nick Haeffner plays  guitar for Clive on this EP

1. Looking for a Character
2. One Night In Greece With An American
3. It’s a Secret
4. The Reluctant Performer

Format: 12”
Released: 1985

Lords Front Lords Rear

Various - From The House of Lords (Bam Caruso - KIRI065)

Nick and Cally worked with Paul Roland on this homage to the Psychedelic reissue series which Phil was putting out in the 1980s. Convincing many that these were lost gems for a while, this Volume 9 of the “Rubble” series was soon replaced by another edition featuring genuine 60s material...  

1. The House of Lords - The Doctor
2. Colliding Minds - The Sugar Battle
3. (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone - The Ice Doves
4. Workshop of My Mind - The Glass Keys
5. Unlisted Instrumental - Unknown
6. Living Colours - The Black Atlas
7. Slow Patience - The Attractions
8. The Last Mile - Sleepeaters
9. Dear Prudence - The Time Machine
10. Summer Evening - The Wedding
11. Mad Elaine - Paul Roland
12. Father's Name Is Dad - The Fading Dream

Format:  LP
Released: 1986


Nick Haeffner - The Master (Bam Caruso Records - PABL072)

Nick recorded his song  which The Tea Set had renamed “The Preacher” for their version.

1. The Master
2. Steel Grey
3. Song From The Bottom of a Well

Format: 12”
Released: 1986


Nick Haeffner - Back I Time For Tea (Bam Caruso - PABL073)

Another song which The Tea Set added to their set. A version of this appears on The Tea Set album.

1. Back In Time For Tea
2. Mean Guitar
3. Every Time We Say Goodbye

Format: 12”
Released: 1987


Nick Haeffner - The Great Indoors (Bam Caruso - KIRI071)

Rightfully regarded as a masterpiece, Nick’s solo album is simply stunning whimsical Folk-Pop of the highest order.  

1. You Know I Hate Nature
2. The Sneaky Mothers
3. The Master
4. The Earth Movers
5. Don’t Be Late
6. Furious Table
7. Breaths
8. Back In Time For Tea
9. Steel Grey
10. The Great Indoors

Format:  LP & CD
Released: 1987


Various - Meanwhile Back At The Ranch (Bam Caruso - MARX075)

Compilation put out to promote a bunch of Bam releases around this time. Nick Haeffner has a track from his album and plays on The Wild Kitchen track with Richard Norris (see Innocent Vicars above).

2. Wild Kitchen - Wild Kitchen
12. Nick Haeffner - Don’t Be Late

Format: LP
Released: 1987


Clive Pig - A Sense of the Size of The World (Hopewell Records)

Nick Haeffner plays  guitar for Clive on the following tracks on this LP

1. Looking for a Character
8. Its a Secret
10. My Room In A House With No roof
12. The World Is So....

Format: LP
Released: 1987


Nick Haeffner - Sneaky Mothers (Bam Caruso Records - OPRA060)

Released as a double “A” sided Jukebox 7” to promote the album. The disc has a track by the band “The Parking Lot” on the flip side..

1. Sneaky Mothers (Nick)
2. World Spinning Sadly (The Parking Lot)

Format: 7”
Released: 1988

Remayns ep

The Remayns - Why EP (Bam Caruso Records- NRICO029)

Cally recorded this with Nick Haeffner and members of Freight Train in tribute to classic 60s pop (especially The Byrds). The record led to the band getting a John Peel session.

1. Why
2. Going All The Way
3. Go Ahead
4. Just Like Me

Format: 7” swirly coloured vinyl
Released: 1988


Various - Kats Karavan, The History of John Peel on the Radio
Four CD compilation and Hardback book which includes a track by Nick Haeffner (and Waldo Records label-mates The Bodies). Flick through the “digital booklet” here to see pictures of Nick on page 30.

1. Don’t be Late

Format: Book and CDs
Released: 2009


Nick Haefner - A New Life Awaits You CD
Nick has recorded this new album with Richard Norris behind the mixing desk.

1. I Hear a New World
2. King Baby
3. Steel Grey
4. Goodbye Mr Pushkin
5. Everything Begins Again
6. My Ghost
7. Wake Up Charlie
8. Terminal Pylon
9. His Emissary
10. Outsider
11. The Sunlit Members Room
12. This Last (Take 1)

Format: CD

Released: 2019